2014 Speculative Stocks Watchlist

MBLX - Metabolix Inc.

MBLX News/Notes:
  • This company had $0.75 in cash versus a stock price about $1.25 in January 2014. 
  • New CEO that was appointed December 19, 2013.
  • Environmentally friendly plastics could trend up with 3D printing advancements.
  • Potential short squeeze setup.
  • CEO Stated Company Would Get Financing By June
  • CEO Failed In Securing Financing
  • Purchased: January 3, 2014 --  @ $1.23/share

MGT - MGT Capital Investments

MGT News/Notes:
  • Purchased 65% of FanThrowdown - a Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling Site
  • Is involved with a patent infringement case where they could get substantial royalties (compared to the current value of the company). 
  • Could benefit from legalized online gaming trend.
  • Some disturbing info that connects an owner of FanThrowdown.com as a registered sex offender makes us leery of this stock.
  • Signed two notable daily fantasy players.
  • Partnered with VegasInsider
  • Purchased 100% of DraftDay.com - a relatively popular daily fantasy sports website.
  • Iroquois Master Fund has taken an activist stance since acquiring more shares.
  • None to date

QCCO - QC Holdings, Inc

QCCO News/Notes
  • Depressed stock due to branch closures, and restructuring. 
  • Risks include: Legislation in Missouri. If the pay day loan interest is capped at 36% (like it is in other states) makes it impossible to do business in that state. Currently Missouri is the companies largest revenue areas.
  • If legislation doesn't make it on the ballot, and the company can re-pay it's debt & expand current offerings, the stock does have upside potential.
  • If legislation is passed (especially in Missouri) this company could be adversely affected.
  • Company reported 2013 financials. I'm still on the sidelines here after missing a early year rally.
  • None to date

ALN - American Lorain Corporation

ALN News/Notes
  • Rare penny stock that has positive EBITDA
  • Insiders like Morgan Stanley have been building stake
  • Has been putting out Press Releases with regularity since late 2013
  • Traded out of this investment after I locked in the short term gain I was anticipating.
  • Purchased: January 23, 2014 -- @ $1.09/share
  • Sold: March 6, 2014 -- @ $1.33/share

VIDE - Video Display Corporation

VIDE News/Notes
  • Recently sold Z-Axis Inc for 8.7m in cash & 1m promissory note.
  • The company has used the cash to pay back debt and increase a share buy-back program.
  • None to date

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