Sunday, December 11, 2016

New YouTube Videos + BSQR & JYNT Updates

Haven't been blogging as much on this site, however I have been active in the last few months. Recently I have been taking a look at Under Armour's business model, and have seen some signs of weakness. Most recently I wrote about their connected fitness business unit - which UA has spent about $1B developing/acquiring assets for. With companies like FIT on decline, and recently buying up rival PEBBLE off the scrap heaps, doesn't look like this connected fitness stuff is generating much for shareholders.

I've gotten some very nice feedback on my YouTube channel, despite only having a handful of videos at the moment. Most recently I uploaded How To Pick An Online Broker and How To Read 10-Q Documents.

I only have 2 speculative investments in my portfolio at the moment. BSQUARE (BSQR) is a small software company that has a solution for tracking large equipment. With Donald Trump claiming he's going to be spending "big" on infrastructure over the next 4 years, a company like BSQR could see higher demand for it's new DATAV software package. Among other things, the software enables companies to manage fleet vehicles & heavy equipment. The stock has risen quite a bit over the last few months, and if the company gains more customers in 2017 it could get some real momentum.

The Joint (JYNT) is the second speculative stock I have in my portfolio. I've had to average down several times, but I believe I'm protected somewhat by the company having a business model that can scale up. One thing thing that set the stock back in 2016 was the company fired basically the entire c-suite. There was only small details provided by current management as to why everyone was let go very suddenly, however it appears the launch of Chicago area clinics have gone poorly. The company is already seeking alternative to those sites - most have only been open for only 12 months or so. There must have been a huge blunder by the old management, so it probably will take a while before this company starts making some moves. I'll be keeping an eye on a financing round they likely will have to lead - considering the company doesn't have a ton of cash. I don't think this company goes under any time soon, but the set-backs in large markets is going to take this company back a step or two.