Monday, March 7, 2016

Started An Investing Tips YouTube Channel

I've had a decent amount of requests over the years to start a YouTube channel. I'm not exactly sure what direction the channel will go in, but initially I plan on giving some overviews of some trading & investment ideas. I've already posted one video review of Lending Club. I will probably do some real basic stock market advice & tutorials in the beginning and go from there.

I just recently posted a new video where I discuss 5 stocks under $5 that could double. Some of the stocks I own, others are just on my radar/watchlist. As with any of these speculative stocks, you really need to do your homework - and also have really good timing. If the market retreats back to new lows - most of the small-cap names are going to get crushed. However, if you are a perma-bull and think the market will breakout & resume the uptrend, these small-cap names can really explode.

Other than that, I've been posting a bit to SeekingAlpha, but there really hasn't been many opportunities in small-cap names that I've really fallen in love with. In 2016 I have been buying/accumulating shares of Nike, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, and Disney. If market pressures lower the valuations of these companies further - I will be buying more.

Good luck!