Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update On United Online UNTD - Dividend Cancelled

Last month I gave my take on United Online UNTD. This was a company I actually held a small investment in from 2008 until late last year after the FTD spinoff. I felt the FTD flowers business was protecting the dividend and the long time CEO was leaving the company at the same time.

When I wrote my article last month, UNTD still was paying a quarterly dividend. However they have recently suspended this, and I wouldn't expect it to return anytime in the near future. United Online is a mish-mash of declining web properties and dial-up internet. Naturally dial-up internet is being phased out through high-speed offerings and mobile phones - and UNTD does have a small piece of that action through essentially an affiliate agreement to lease spectrum under the NetZero brand.

UNTD's web properties are again, a mish-mash of sites that are mid-to-lower tier when compared to peers in the same category. Any growth is likely coming from somewhat spammy techniques to bill customers when they really didn't want to be billed.

Keep in mind as well. This company said they were cancelling the dividend, but gave no strategy on what they will do going forward.

I would avoid this stock at all costs, unless it's a short position.