Friday, January 10, 2014

Stock Trading Rules, Goals & Strategies For 2014

Thank you for visiting my blog Pacific Coast Investment. I've decided to start posting some of my trades on this blog as part of my strategy for 2014. Most of the stocks I will talk about will be speculative, won't make money, and aren't what I would consider good investments for the long term. If you are just starting out investing - you might want to avoid speculative stocks until you have some experience trading more widely traded ETF or index funds ... and have built up substantial capital (money) so you can suffer some losses. That being said, you can spend & invest your money how you want - if you are looking for boring mutual fund advice ... go elsewhere, this blog will be mostly about high risk/high reward stocks.

  • Never invest more than 10% of available cash in speculative stocks
  • Sell out of investments if the share price falls to $1.00/share
  • Sell any investment once I don't believe in the company.
  • Always create an exit plan/price for speculative penny stocks
Strategies (To achieve goal)
  • Identify & invest in undervalued companies with potential short term catalysts that can drive the stock in one direction or another.

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